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Co-learning Pathways: Innovation to Insight

Discover clinically-relevant learning inspirations that allow for deep dives, reflections, and pathways to continuing education opportunities.


Signal learning, without the noise

Present clinically-relevant topics, sans the brand & bias, to help your learners build on the their learning sparked during your experience

Nudge Research & Deep Dives

Quick contextual search utility to dive into relevant research publications, academic literature and other public information

Discover pathways to Continuing Education

Discover relevant continuing education opportunities from CMEfy’s network of reflection-based activities - 100% self-directed

How does it work?

  1. Share your agenda or content library outline with us (not the content!)
  1. Our AI extracts clinically-relevant topics
  1. We generate a Pathways page for you & your attendees (+ QR code)
  1. Your attendees can spark into deep dives and opportunities for reflective learning
  1. Our AI engine analyzes anonymized reflections to generate impactful insights for you

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